Banish the rest of the world and celebrate your most important moment with your nearest and dearest.

Mango Hill Farm is happy to offer the farm to couples who want an intimate celebration of their marriage as part of a farmstay. You may hire the farm for two nights. Please note that only resident farmstay guests may attend, and the minimum stay is for two nights. This package is currently under development, so please use the enquiry form to find out more information.

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How Elopement Works 

  • You need to provide at least one month’s calendar notice of your intention to marry.
  • There need to be two witnesses to your marriage. This can’t include your celebrant, but it can include your photographer.
  • Mango Hill Farm also offers an ‘extended’ Elopement Package, which can include up to 22 people (including the bride and groom). Please ask us for a special quotation.

Imagine Your Elopement at Mango Hill Farm

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